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Fugro’s cloud-hosted, web-based Geo-data engagement platform for accessing geospatial data and documents throughout the asset life cycle.

The volume and complexity of Geo-data that is required throughout an asset life cycle has increased significantly over time. These large Geo-data volumes tend to be stored in siloed systems that lack the connectivity needed to support efficient and informed decision making from key stakeholders.


VirGeo® is a cloud-based information, delivery, engagement and management platform that provides stakeholders with a single source for accessing and organising various streams of near real-time and historic Geo-data, visualised in a spatial context (for example, on a map) and linked to associated documents. VirGeo® can be implemented at any stage and provides the scalability and flexibility to support the entire life cycle.


VirGeo® is accessed through a single sign-on feature and requires no experience with geographic information systems or specialised software. Management of Geo-data within the platform provides version control and enhanced utility of the real-time and integrated Geo-data throughout the asset life cycle.


Our global in-house experts have access to extensive Geo-data knowledge from years of experience in site characterisation, planning and operating in offshore environments. They are specialised in integrating various site characterisation datasets into ground models which facilitate the identification, quantification and analysis of geohazards and constraints to engineering design.

VirGeo® incorporates specialised software to develop ground models that enables 3D visualisation of complex and variable conditions across the planned asset site. This helps users conceptualise conditions and constraints that may impact the development of the asset and mitigate potential risk.


VirGeo® applications span multiple industries in land, marine and coastal environments to support activities throughout the full asset life cycle, including:

  • Geophysical survey operations
  • Geotechnical site investigation
  • Metocean monitoring
  • Environmental investigation
  • Cable and pipeline route optimisation
  • Integrated ground models and foundation design
  • Engineering and geohazards assessments


Rising sea levels and increased frequency of storm activity are exposing vulnerable coastlines worldwide in need of protection. High-quality topography and bathymetry are required for accurate modelling of our dynamic coastlines and comprehensive classification of critical habitats. These coastal surveys can potentially span country or region-wide and extend over several months to years of acquisition. Our hydrographic survey services reduce acquisition timelines for large areas using VirGeo® and multiple sensors. VirGeo® provides a platform to manage the quality and coverage of all incoming data from various sensors in one place during ongoing acquisition. 

VirGeo®’s near real-time acquisition updates provide our coastal management clients with the ability to assess data quality remotely ensuring a multi-year hydrographic charting project to stay on track safely and sustainably to programme completion. Near real-time dashboards provide a live interface to receive geospatial updates including the latest data coverage and position of project assets, such as Fugro’s uncrewed surface vessel, the Blue Shadow®. VirGeo®’s early insights from on-the-fly statistics and metrics provide a platform for remote quality control and project assurance.


Constructing a ground model is fundamental to designing and development of offshore assets. By implementing VirGeo® early in the ground model construction phase, an inventory of site requirements for acquisition and analysis can be compiled to determine early constraints to project cost, schedule and supports ongoing activities as the project evolves. Specifically for offshore wind farms, the volume and variety of data required for an average offshore wind project is almost one million times more Geo-data volumes (30 Tb) than compared to 25 years ago (~ 3 Mb) making it challenging to manage all the data in one comprehensive platform.

Through improved collaboration, reduced risk and accelerated schedules, VirGeo® provides our offshore wind clients with an integrated Geo-data management strategy to ensure on-time delivery and reduces regulatory uncertainty. Data analysis dashboards provide an interactive interface to better extract meaningful trends and insights from the Geo-data. Features within the applications are supplemented by links to additional non-spatial content, such as graphical data and videos. Integrated insights of geotechnical, geophysical, and environmental data provide you with robust ground-truthing to reinforce faster, more reliable business decisions regarding your site characterisation and preliminary design.


To mitigate ground risk for the construction and maintenance of large infrastructure projects, several specific datasets are acquired to determine real-time site conditions, such as preliminary cone penetration test and sampling results. Insights from this data can help reduce uncertainty in engineering specifications and support operational planning by reducing costs and enhancing project safety and efficiency.

VirGeo®’s near real-time insights provides preliminary geotechnical investigation results to transportation infrastructure stakeholders enabling increased collaboration and facilitating earlier decision-making. Applications can be deployed for monitoring data collection on-site and tracking results from Geo-data collection elsewhere (for example, laboratory tests) and Geo-data analysis progress. Remote access to preliminary data results allows project stakeholders to overcome safety challenges with fieldwork in both dense metropolitan areas and in hazardous mining environments.

  • Early insights and real-time results for on-time milestone achievement
  • Access to the latest Geo-data in one place provides context and enhances insights, derisking phases throughout the asset life cycle
  • Efficient management of teams and processes through the structured environment and single source of information, available for all selected stakeholders anywhere and at any time

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