We are represented by over 200 employees in several locations across Germany, including our headquarters based in Berlin. Our range of services include the collection, processing and visualization of geo-data and their analysis, interpretation and evaluation. We also provide planning and consulting in the fields of surveying, geotechnical engineering, environment, hydrogeology, geophysics, monitoring, data management and software development. We operate both nationally and internationally as a reliable partner for numerous energy suppliers, pipeline and grid operators, technology, mining & civil engineering companies and the public sector.

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03rd Aug 2020

Fugro helps Xtera finalise high-speed fibre-optic cable route between Norway and UK

Fugro has begun a pre-installation and route engineering survey project to support their client, Xtera, on NO-UK’s major fibre-optic cable installation between Norway and the UK.

30th Jul 2020

Fugro starts shallow water phase for 2Africa fibre-optic subsea cable project

Fugro has begun their shallow water campaign for the “2Africa” subsea fibre-optic cable project which, once installed, will connect 23 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe and deliver more than the total combined capacity of all subsea data cables serving Africa today.

06th Jul 2020

Fugro combines UXO and geotechnical surveys for Wismar port biomass power plant

Fugro has successfully completed a combined 2-month unexploded ordnance (UXO) and geotechnical survey for a new biomass power plant at the port of Wismar in northern Germany.

27th May 2020

Fugro detours for Ifremer’s Mayotte underwater volcano survey

A Fugro vessel heading from the Netherlands to South Africa has made a 10-day detour to support Ifremer, the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea, in monitoring a giant active underwater volcano off the east coast of Africa.

02nd Jan 2020

Siemens utilises Fugro’s UXO screening technology in Herne, Germany

Fugro has completed an unexploded ordnance (UXO) screening project for Siemens AG at the site of a new gas-fired power station in Herne, Germany.

12th Nov 2019

Fugro performs load-testing on Germany’s longest rotary bored piles for Hamburg’s Elbtower

Fugro has completed a successful load-testing programme on Germany’s longest rotary bored piles as part of the foundation design verification for the planned Elbtower construction in Hamburg, Germany.

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