Our vision and mission

We create value by acquiring earth and asset integrity data, managing the data and providing associated consulting and advisory services. With the services we provide, we support our clients with data, intelligence and solutions that are essential for the design, construction, installation, operation and eventual decommissioning of their large infrastructure, industrial installations and buildings. We also provide mapping and natural resource exploration services and further support our clients with the repair, replacement and maintenance of their subsea infrastructure, as well as collecting seabed geophysical data.

Fugro is an independent services provider and has no further commercial or other direct interests in the projects of its clients. Our clients can fully rely on the integrity, impartiality and confidentiality of results, advice and solutions provided by Fugro and are assured there are no conflicts of interest with respect to construction contractors and other parties involved in their projects. This allows Fugro to work for any client across the full life cycle of construction and infrastructure management.

We operate around the globe, predominantly in the energy and infrastructure markets, both offshore and onshore. We strive to be the preferred partner of our clients by safely and consistently delivering quality solutions on time and on budget with teams of employees that apply world class, innovative and often proprietary technology and perform to high standards of professionalism and integrity.

We are the market leading service provider in most segments in which we operate, and we aim for leadership overall. We use our position, extensive expertise, know-how and capabilities to generate superior, sustainable value for our customers and solid long term returns for our shareholders.

Our strategy and capabilities serve our ultimate purpose, which is to contribute to developing a liveable world.


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