Safe, secure and healthy working environment

Focusing on employee health and safety is an integral part of operational management as every employee is entitled to a safe work place. Fugro firmly believes that incidents can be prevented and has therefore implemented an HSSE management system at all levels of the organisation.

Senior managers have an important role in influencing health and safety. They set the policies and procedures, and decide on organisational objectives and priorities. In addition, senior managers have an obvious and important role in developing a positive health and safety culture by the example they set and the actions they take. At the same time it is clear that safety is the responsibility of every individual employee.

Fugro has a group-wide HSSE strategy (2014-2017). Key activities in 2014 included:

  • Appointment and implementation of regional HSSE managers, ensuring adequate and consistent (cross-divisional) HSSE support at the regional level.
  • Introduction of 3 new leading safety performance indicators:
    • Management commitment and involvement - measured by number of senior management project and site visits
    • HSSE competency and training - measured by number of successful completion of the HSSE training for supervisors (‘Managing Safely in Fugro’)
    • HSSE compliance - measured by overall score on the corporate HSSE audits benchmark
  • Development and company-wide roll out of iPowerTM phases 7 and 8, focused on hazard identification and intervention and on personal protective equipment respectively.

Diversity and maximising local involvement
Fugro is active in over 70 countries and works mostly with local staff and suppliers. This diversity has a positive effect on its operational activities as Fugro benefits from knowledge of local business procedures, legislation and traditions. Therefore, wherever possible, Fugro recruits local staff and provides them with opportunities to attend training courses on a local and international level.

Employees' ongoing personal development
With an emphasis on developing own internal talent, Fugro's Global HR team, in partnership and cooperation with in-house training provider Fugro Academy, has committed to building programmes and creating opportunities that focus on personal development of employees. This is a key business driver as it helps to build a competent staff with clear advancement and professional development opportunities in the organisation. In this way, Fugro is building a workforce that will also be able to meet its long-term requirements. As part of this commitment, Fugro maintains close contacts with universities on a global basis.

Fugro Academy
Fugro Academy has been operating for eight years since its inception. In that time, the range and depth of courses available to staff has continued to grow, with a mix of classroom training and e-learning courses being offered, dependent on the subjects being taught. Fugro Academy was conceived as a virtually managed training organisation and continues to operate successfully with this model. Under this approach, experienced training staff deliver training at operating company facilities around the globe.

For example, prior to initial field deployment, Fugro provides specific technical and HSSE training to all employees, new and old, and much of this comes through Fugro Academy. Ensuring that all staff are familiar with the working environment and Fugro systems and processes is key to their successful integration into field teams and operations. Fugro Academy also continues to develop and provide e-learning courses to staff across the organisation so that all staff can benefit from training, irrespective of time and location.

In 2014, Fugro staff enrolled in 85,710 Fugro Academy courses (both classroom and e-learning) with a 99% course completion ratio. Since 2007, Fugro Academy has had more than 283,449 course enrolments with a 97% completion rate.

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