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Stichting Administratiekantoor Fugro (“Foundation Trust Office”) exercises the voting rights on Fugro shares in a manner that prioritises our interests as well as the interests of all our stakeholders. The Board of the Foundation Trust Office ensures shares are safeguarded as best as possible and operates completely independently of Fugro.

Only (non-voting) certificates of shares are listed and traded on Euronext Amsterdam. These exchangeable certificates are issued by the Foundation Trust Office. Holders of certificates (and their authorised proxies):

  • may, after timely written notification, attend and speak at shareholders’ meetings
  • are entitled to request from the Foundation Trust Office a proxy to exercise the voting rights on the (underlying) shares corresponding to their certificates. The Foundation Trust Office may solely limit, exclude or revoke this proxy if:
    • A public offer has been announced or made on the (certificates of) shares of Fugro or if a justifiable expectation prevails that such an offer shall be made, without agreement thereon having necessarily been reached with Fugro
    • A holder of certificates or a number of holders of certificates, in accordance with an agreement between and among them to co-operate, together or not, with subsidiaries, acquire at least 25% of the issued capital of Fugro; or
    • In the opinion of the Foundation Trust Office, the exercise of voting rights by a holder of certificates constitutes a real conflict of interests with those of Fugro
  • may, provided they are natural persons and they have not entered into an agreement between and among them to co-operate, exchange their certificates for ordinary shares entitled to vote up to a maximum of 1% of the issued share capital of Fugro per shareholder.

Board members of the Foundation Trust Office:

  • M.C. van Gelder, Chairman
  • R. Willems
  • D.F.M.M. Zaman
  • A.P.M. van der Veer-Vergeer

At the request of the Foundation Trust Office, the following documents have been made available:


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2264 SG, Leidschendam
The Netherlands

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