About Fugro

Survey Vessels

Fugro owns and operates a comprehensive fleet of versatile survey vessels

Echo Surveyor IV


Echo Surveyor IV   datasheet

7.3 m autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV)


Fugro Supporter


Fugro Supporter   datasheet

74.5m multi-purpose survey vessel


Geo Prospector


Geo Prospector   datasheet

72.6m multi-purpose survey vessel


Fugro Meridian


Fugro Meridian   datasheet

72.5m multi-purpose survey vessel


Fugro Discovery


Fugro Discovery   datasheet

70m multi-purpose survey vessel


Fugro Gauss


Fugro Gauss   datasheet

69m deepwater and coastal survey vessel


Fugro Equator


Fugro Equator   datasheet

65.6m state-of-the-art multi-purpose DP1 survey vessel


Fugro Galaxy


Fugro Galaxy   datasheet

65.2m state-of-the-art multi-purpose DP1 survey vessel


Fugro Searcher


Fugro Searcher   datasheet

65.2m state-of-the-art multi-purpose survey vessel


Fugro Navigator


Fugro Navigator   datasheet

53.7m multi-purpose survey vessel


Fugro Enterprise


Fugro Enterprise   datasheet

52m high resolution geophysical survey vessel


Fugro Gemini


Fugro Gemini   datasheet

49.3m multi-purpose survey vessel


Geo Endeavour


Geo Endeavour   datasheet

45.7m multi-purpose survey vessel




Meridian   datasheet

42.3m coastal and shallow water survey vessel


Fugro Brasilis


Fugro Brasilis   datasheet

66.65m survey vessel


Geodetic Surveyor


Geodetic Surveyor   datasheet

37m multi-purpose survey vessel


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