About Fugro

Survey Vessels

Fugro owns and operates a comprehensive fleet of versatile survey vessels

Fugro Supporter


Fugro Supporter   datasheet

74.5m multi-purpose survey vessel


Geo Prospector


Geo Prospector   datasheet

72.6m multi-purpose survey vessel


Fugro Meridian


Fugro Meridian   datasheet

72.5m multi-purpose survey vessel


Fugro Discovery


Fugro Discovery   datasheet

70m Multi-role Geophysical and Hydrographical Survey Vessel


RV Discovery


RV Discovery   datasheet

24.8m survey vessel


Fugro Gauss


Fugro Gauss   datasheet

69m deepwater and coastal survey vessel


Fugro Helmert


Fugro Helmert   datasheet

41m purpose-built, multi-role geophysical and hydrographic survey vessel


Fugro Equator


Fugro Equator   datasheet

65.6m state-of-the-art multi-purpose DP1 survey vessel


Fugro Galaxy


Fugro Galaxy   datasheet

65.2m state-of-the-art multi-purpose DP1 survey vessel


Fugro Searcher


Fugro Searcher   datasheet

65.2m state-of-the-art multi-purpose survey vessel


Fugro Navigator


Fugro Navigator   datasheet

53.7m multi-purpose survey vessel


Fugro Enterprise


Fugro Enterprise   datasheet

52m high resolution geophysical survey vessel


Geo Endeavour


Geo Endeavour   datasheet

45.7m multi-purpose survey vessel




Meridian   datasheet

42.3m coastal and shallow water survey vessel


Fugro Brasilis


Fugro Brasilis   datasheet

66.65m survey vessel


Geodetic Surveyor


Geodetic Surveyor   datasheet

37m multi-purpose survey vessel


Echo Surveyor IV


Echo Surveyor IV   datasheet

7.3 m autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV)


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