Roames Subsea Asset Management Solution

Roames Subsea is a powerful tool for facilitating asset management and creating substantial financial benefits by streamlining operations, reducing maintenance costs, increasing return on assets and enhancing cost accuracy. 

The integrity of subsea infrastructure, environmental condition and compliance with legislation are critical concerns for offshore operators. Infrequent field visits and district measurements are however a bottleneck to efficient and cost-effective asset utilisation. 

Our innovative Roames Subsea technology provides a Virtual World Asset Management System through which infrastructure managers can remotely investigate and monitor the condition and performance of their network. This technology is based on Remote Observation, Automated Modeling, Economic Simulation (Roames) which creates a representation of the real world in such detail that it can be used for asset inspection, identification, condition assessment, future behaviour simulation and prediction, which in turn decreases the need of frequent field visits and extends the life of the assets.

Powered by visualisation technology traditionally used in the gaming industry, Roames Virtual World provides a precise model of a company's infrastructure assets and surrounding environment. Using data acquired over multiple years, Roames subsea allows industries to globally monitor changing conditions and identify hotspots where infrastructure or the environment is at risk. Roames streamlines maintenance and reduces costs through deferred field inspections.

Roames subsea supports data from many sources, geophysical, geotechnical, seismic, external and internal asset inspection data are all smoothly integrated into one environment allowing for detailed analysis, simulations and analytics reporting. 

Man-made features are automatically identified, such as well heads, subsea production facilities and pipelines which are abstracted from the underlying seabed topography. These structures are modelled with their relevant structural, mechanical and thermal characteristics, enabling a deeper understanding of asset behaviour and supporting many asset management activities.

The key challenge for an offshore operator is to maintain an ongoing understanding of the assets and the world around them.

Roames Subsea is a revolutionary, cost effective solution that provides an intelligent service for project planning, accurate site simulation and pro-active asset management while enabling a greater rate of return and lowering risk.

  • Optimized IRM programs
  • Reduced vessel  time
  • Extended asset life resulting from better design, predictive maintenance, and more efficient operations
  • Reduced data and infrastructure overheads

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