A comprehensive range of surveys and associated services for your onshore and offshore projects and coastal activities. We conduct surveys from dedicated fleets of vessels and aircraft, applying our expertise and resources worldwide.

Meteorology and oceanography

Commercial meteorological and oceanographic services and systems to reduce uncertainty in engineering specifications, support planning and enhance safety and operational efficiency.

Weather forecasting

Reliable weather forecast services for efficient planning and informed decision-making in the offshore energy and marine sectors and building and construction industry.

Offshore structural monitoring

World-class systems and services to measure and monitor offshore structures and risers, extending operating life and improve safety and efficiency.

Marine environmental services

Integrating consultancy with ecological surveys and laboratory testing to support infrastructure planning, consenting and development, environmental protection and resource management.

Geophysical surveys

For offshore rig sites, power cable and pipeline routes and engineering field developments to reduce project risk and enhance safety.

Cable route and hydrographic survey services

Efficient route surveys for submarine cables, bathymetry for Exclusive Economic Zone assessment and hydrographic surveys for nautical charting.

Construction survey support

Precise measurement, survey and intervention services to support the installation, inspection, repair and maintenance of offshore structures, pipelines and seabed production facilities.

Satellite monitoring and mapping

Mapping services and imagery analysis to support land management, infrastructure planning, natural resources exploration and development, civil engineering and environmental monitoring.

Aerial mapping

A complete production workflow for imaging and mapping projects in natural resources management, urban planning, economic development, emergency response, environmental and engineering activities.

Terrestrial surveying

Conventional and cutting edge survey equipment for precise and comprehensive surveying, mapping and monitoring of the built and natural environment.

Geospatial GIS solutions

Customised and cost-effective solutions for challenges presented by the size, complexity and diversity of spatial datasets, maximising geospatial investments.

Satellite positioning

Centimetre accuracy DGNSS augmentation services that provide reliable and robust worldwide, real-time satellite positioning to oil and gas, merchant, offshore, research and naval operators.

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