Exploration activities - offshore

Fugro’s exploration and geohazard specialists support exploration activities such as geochemical survey and coring programme planning, programme management and data analysis, and pre-drilling shallow hazards analysis. We help you manage your exploration budgets efficiently by planning and executing a wide range of surveys and programmes that provide critical early information for prospect evaluation, and to optimise drilling operational efficiency and safety.

Innovative in our approach, we offer a comprehensive package of exploration-related activities that are tailored to your specific requirements and provide premium advice and efficient delivery of planning, acquisition, management and analysis services.

Our range services for offshore exploration, both in the planning phases and during execution, include:

  • Seep hunting and exploration support
  • Pre-drilling shallow hazard assessments
  • Real-time well monitoring
  • Well conductor analysis
  • Gas hydrate exploration and research 

For offshore exploration activities we provide key services that include:

  • Seep Hunting and Exploration Support – Fugro’s knowledgeable and experienced exploration specialists support exploration-related survey and coring programme planning, programme management and data analysis.

    Our services include:
    • Multibeam seep hunting, geochemical, heat flow, stratigraphic and other surveys that provide critical early information.
    • Programme management of geophysical survey and coring operations.
    • Real-time data interpretation and operational guidance.
  • Pre-drilling Shallow Hazard Assessments – Fugro’s SafeDrill services incorporates pre-drilling shallow hazard interpretation, assessment and reporting. 

    These services include:
    • On-board data analysis.
    • Regulatory drilling hazard and chemosynthetic assessments.
    • Quantitative geohazard assessments.
    • Pore-pressure and fracture-pressure assessments.
  • Real-time well monitoring – LWD/MWD drilling parameters and ROV video feed during drilling of the tophole section to help identify, avoid and mitigate any shallow-hazard-related drilling problems.
  • Mooring, Jetted Conductor and Soil-Riser Interaction Analyses – Our engineering analyses help make drilling operations more efficient. These include mooring analysis to predict anchor-holding capacity; conductor jetting analysis to determine feasibility of jetting, provide jetting-technique guidance and estimate conductor penetration and conductor soak time/load capacity; and soil-riser interaction analysis to develop storm/current disconnect criteria.
  • Gas hydrate exploration and research – We have developed specialised hydrate engineering analysis and modelling techniques and applied them to several deepwater field developments. Depending on cruise objectives, technical specialists such as geologists, geophysicists and geotechnical engineers can perform onboard interpretation to optimise hydrate programmes.

    Services include:
    • Planning for hydrate geophysical surveys and coring Programmes.
    • Hydrate programme management, from data acquisition to engineering analysis.
    • On-board data interpretation and analysis.
    • Hydrate interpretation, including basic qualitative interpretation and mapping of hydrate zones, advanced characterisation of hydrates using quantitative geophysical techniques and engineering analysis of hydrate effects on foundations and conductors.

Our integrated team of specialists provides customised advice to clients and business partners across the globe. Covering the wide spectrum of integrated geoscience disciplines, we blend geotechnical engineering, geophysics and geology, and effectively combine local knowledge with worldwide expertise.

We listen to your needs, heed the advice of our stakeholders and provide customised advice based on industry best practice whilst adopting innovative approaches. Using the optimal team of specialists for every project, we provide service that is consistent around the world. No other consultancy can provide the same depth or breadth of service and the expertise of our colleagues in data acquisition, survey and construction supports our uniquely extensive approach.

The benefits of providing geoconsultancy advice through truly global integration include:

  • A focus on your needs. We tailor our advice and ‘get it right first time’, providing highly efficient solutions.
  • Early involvement allows us to provide the greatest added value and have a positive impact on the outcome of every project; these lead to greater assurance and minimised risk for you.
  • Local and global operations, enabling you to engage directly with us and ensuring consistent design approaches.
  • Our innovative approach means that we develop new ways to meet your challenges. We collaborate with external research groups and value investment in research and development.

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