GeoConsultancy offers customized advice on the wide spectrum of integrated geoscience disciplines, combining geotechnical engineering, geophysics and geology, and effectively combining local knowledge and world-wide expertise.

We provide unbiased, best practice, integrated and innovative consultancy advice in the field of offshore and onshore earth sciences. We understand the challenges faced by our clients and provide pragmatic solutions. We become a valued partner in the entire life cycle of projects, from initial planning and design, to execution and ultimately into operation. Early engagement presents maximum opportunity to minimise and manage geo-related risks to projects, which lends itself to achieving the best possible outcomes to our valued clients and stakeholders.

Exploration activities - offshore

Specialist advice to optimise prospect evaluation and drilling operations supporting efficient management of your exploration budget.

Exploration activities - mining

Geotechnical, environmental, hydrological, geological and survey services to support the entire lifecycle of a mine development.

Geohazard studies

Our complete geohazard assessment service covers hazard identification, risk assessment, analysis, solution engineering and management.

Early stage studies

Evaluating engineering options in the early development stages of your onshore or offshore project development.

Site characterisation

Our technical specialists provide crucial representative characterisation for practical and cost-effective design of a development site.

Earthquake engineering

Optimising designs and offering cost-effective solutions, our recognised experts provide a range of geologic hazard and earthquake engineering services.

Geotechnical engineering - onshore & nearshore

Geotechnical engineering design solutions for problems associated with onshore and nearshore projects including foundations, excavations, embankments and ground improvement.

Geotechnical engineering - offshore

Our engineers apply their skills together with advanced software tools to provide services associated with the design of offshore structures and foundations.

Advanced numerical analysis

Analysis of geotechnical problems using advanced modelling tools. Using our 2D and 3D analysis software, we also model project specific design considerations.

Support during construction and installation

Involving our professionals during construction and installation of geotechnical elements allows you to make informed decisions to facilitate cost-effective construction.

Post construction and installation and Brownfield studies

Asset management services for the maintenance, upgrade and disposal of assets in a cost-efficient manner, ensuring optimum performance throughout their lifecycle.

Innovation, research and development

We identify and expedite opportunities that arise during development projects, providing innovative, cost-saving solutions to challenging situations.

Software development

Innovative software tools developed by our skilled team support engineering design areas and increase the efficiency of geotechnical dataflow.

GIS and data management

Delivering cost-effective answers to spatial data management problems and providing tailored intelligent GIS solutions that enable you to maximise your geospatial investments.

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