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Fugro’s expertise, experience and equipment are playing a key role in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Three Fugro specialist survey vessels, equipped with deepwater search technology, have been surveying the Southern Indian Ocean search area for the missing Boeing 777.

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High resolution imagery is available here.

With three specialist vessels operating in the southern Indian Ocean and a crew of around two hundred, Fugro’s role in the seabed search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues. The importance of finding the wreckage of the aircraft is always on the minds of the crew members working in this remote area of ocean, six days’ sail from the nearest shore.

Fugro’s work began in June 2014 when our advanced survey vessel Fugro Equator began mapping over 200,000 square kilometres of uncharted seabed for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB). Multibeam echosounder equipment was deployed for the creation of bathymetric maps of the southern Indian Ocean’s seafloor, which then enabled a defined search for the missing aircraft to begin.

In October 2014 Fugro Discovery commenced deepwater search operations, equipped with side scan sonar, underwater video and aviation fuel detection sensors. In late January 2015, having completed bathymetric survey work, Fugro Equator joined the search programme in the defined area. In the early part of 2015 Fugro Supporter, brought to the search the state-of-the-art Echo Surveyor VII AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle), capable of scanning those portions of the search area that could not be searched effectively by the equipment on the other vessels.

By May 2015, deteriorating weather meant that sea conditions were beyond the safe launch and recovery limitations of the AUV and Fugro Supporter withdrew from the search.

In December 2015 Fugro's Havila Harmony joins the underwater search, equipped with the Echo Surveyor VII AUV.

The size of the area being investigated, the depth of the water (up to 5,000 metres) and extreme weather conditions experienced by vessels and crews make this search a challenging operation, but one that Fugro is well-equipped to carry out.



21st Century Survey Vessel

M.V. Fugro Equator, operated by Fugro Survey Pte Ltd, is built to the highest standards demanded of a dedicated survey vessel capable of international deployment. The specially designed hull, diesel electric drive and rudder propellers, maximises fuel efficiency, navigational control and station keeping capabilities. Great attention was paid to minimising conducted vibration from vessel mounted machinery and infrastructure. The result is an acoustically quiet platform, enabling high quality data collection.

Permanently installed equipment includes the latest in digital seismic, seabed and sub seabed mapping systems. Acoustic positioning is provided by a through hull USBL system. Surface positioning is Fugro Starfix high precision, GNSS. All acquisition, navigation, processing, charting and reporting systems are networked and integrated through industrial grade servers. 

The vessel can carry out a full range of offshore survey services from simultaneous analogue/digital site surveys through to route surveys. In addition, a Fugro owned AUV system can easily be mobilised on the vessel without affecting other survey capabilities. ROV Inspection and more complex Geotechnical spreads can be mobilised as required.

En-suite single and double cabin accommodation for 42 and 65 metres LOA makes the M.V. Fugro Equator a very comfortable and spacious environment to work in.

M.V. Fugro Discovery was purpose-built for the Norwegian Navy and has been converted to provide multi-role survey capabilities. With permanently mobilised geophysical and hydrographical survey spreads, the vessel is ready for rapid deployment to survey locations worldwide.

Since being built in 1997 it has been maintained to the high standards demanded by the navy and provides clients with a reliable and well appointed survey vessel whose multi-role capabilities include ROV inspection, pipeline and cable route surveys, high resolution seismic acquisition surveys, geotechnical surveys and environmental surveys.

The vessel is fitted with an auto positioning system, a full suite of modern analogue and digital geophysical equipment and a comprehensive range of deck equipment which includes a 16 tonne A frame.

The design of the vessel permits simultaneous analogue/digital survey operations and ensures suitability for geotechnical and environmental duties. At 70m LOA the M.V. Fugro Discovery has accommodation for 24 in single and double en-suite cabins and is a comfortable and spacious vessel on which to work.

Clients in the oil and gas industry, the cable sector and government agencies utilise the M.V. Fugro Discovery to obtain high resolution data for permitting, planning, design activities and engineering.

The Havila Harmony is a modern, fuel efficient, DP2, multi-role construction / intervention vessel, with specialised equipment installed to undertake a range of services. The main features are:

  • Large 800 m2 deck
  • Large capacity, 150T, active heave compensated crane fitted with approximately 2000 m of wire rope
  • A modern, well-appointed, accommodation module with capacity for 86 personnel enabling a full multi-disciplinary team to be operational offshore
  • Several project offices / work spaces all suitably connected with data and communications networks
The Havila Harmony has been specifically modified to comply with DNV Well Intervention Class Notation and has an accepted NOPSA Safety Case covering, among other things, construction, well intervention, subsea tree deployment and ROV activities.
14th Jan 2016

Fugro locates wreck of a ship during search for MH370

Fugro has produced remarkable sonar images of a sunken vessel which was discovered during the course of the deepwater search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

26th Nov 2015

Third Fugro vessel - Havila Harmony – joins search for MH370

Fugro is providing an additional vessel, the Havila Harmony, to join the search for the missing flight MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean. From the 93-metre multi-role vessel, Fugro will deploy the Echo Surveyor VII autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV).

19th May 2015

Fugro locates uncharted shipwreck at 3,900m in search for MH370

Two of Fugro’s vessels currently searching the southern Indian Ocean for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, were recently involved in an historic find - the discovery of a previously uncharted shipwreck at a depth of around 3,900 metres.

15th Jan 2015

Fugro provides third vessel to join search for missing flight MH370

An additional Fugro vessel has been commissioned to carry out underwater search activities for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

06th Aug 2014

Fugro deepwater search MH370

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has awarded Fugro an additional contract for the deployment of two specialist vessels, equipment and expertise in the deep-water search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 (MH370).

10th Jun 2014

Fugro to provide Survey Vessel to support search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has awarded Fugro a contract that will see the deployment of its specialist vessel, equipment and expertise in the underwater search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 (MH370).

Download JACC-MH370-Operational-Search-Update-20160210

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