Compelling facts from a MH370 search vessel

Almost two years after Fugro Discovery joined the search for the missing Malaysian Airline MH370, the vessel completes its involvement, leaving the Fugro Equator vessel to continue the search. We look back at the scale of Fugro Discovery's operation through compelling facts and figures.

Fugro Discovery MH370 infographic


Refer to the MH370 website for more information on the Fugro MH370 project.

Did you know?

The search for the missing Malaysian Airline MH370 continues with the Fugro Equator vessel until the completion of the 120,000 square kilometre search area.

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Outstanding data for wave hub

Fugro has recently marked one year of continuous wave monitoring at the Wave Hub development ...

70 years of subsea motion data

Fugro’s DeepData subsea instrument pods, deployed all over the world, have been collecting motion data ...

Technical excellence award winner

Fugro has won the technical excellence award at the 2016 South Australian Spatial Excellence Awards, ...

Echo Surveyor VII assists MH370 search operations

Echo Surveyor VII AUV discovers two shipwrecks on the search for MH370.
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