Investor Relations

Policy on bilateral contacts between Fugro and its share and certificate holders

Fugro maintains regular and direct contact with investors in order to deliver correct and timely information about developments in the company that can be relevant to their investment decisions.

Guiding principles

  • A dialogue with shareholders outside the context of a formal shareholder meeting can be useful for both investors and Fugro.
  • Fugro reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, whether it will accept invitations from investors, or parties representing shareholders, to engage in such a dialogue. Fugro may ask for further clarification on the views, aims and investment objectives of such shareholders before accepting or rejecting any invitation to engage in dialogue outside the context of a formal shareholder meeting.
  • Communicate as open as possible to maximize transparency.
  • No comments will be given on market rumours.
  • During the closed periods (see below) normally no meetings or conversations with the investment community take place.
  • Response to (draft) analyst reports (third party publications) is only provided by reference to public information and published guidance. Corrections to these reports are given only for omissions in factual information.

IR organisation

Investor Relations is the responsibility of the CEO. The designated spokespersons for investor relations are the CEO, the CFO and the Director Investor Relations. The Chairman of the Board of Management may designate to other spokespersons explicit authority to communicate with analysts and investors.

Closed periods

Closed periods are the periods prior to the publication of financial results during which in principle no meetings will be held with and no presentations will be given to financial analysts and investors.
In addition, during closed periods no other communication with analysts and investors will take place, unless such communication relates to factual clarifications of previously disclosed information. Usually the length of the closed period is 8 weeks prior to full year results, 4 weeks prior to half-yearly results and 4 weeks before Q1 and Q3 trading updates.

Distribution of information

Relevant publications are the Annual and Half yearly Reports, press releases on results, other press releases and the corporate website (www.fugro.com). In addition, presentations for analysts and investors are given. Individual and collective personal contact with investors and analysts is also maintained via numerous one-on-one meetings, presentations (road shows) and conference calls. During these meetings, presentations and conference calls information that is already in the public domain is discussed. Information that is not yet in the public domain and is not share price sensitive in nature can be provided if this helps to increase the recipients understanding of the company. Such information is factual and not of speculative nature. Conference calls (excluding individual i.e. non-public calls) and webcasting are publicly accessible.

Price-sensitive information

Fugro is bound by rules and regulations on the disclosure of price-sensitive information. All price sensitive- information is published via press releases. Please check the website of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) for the relevant and latest information (www.afm.nl).

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