Investor Relations

Investor Relations

We aim to keep our shareholders, other investors and analysts informed of our businesses, company and future prospects. Our Investor Relations section will keep you updated with the latest developments at Fugro - from financial results and press releases, to investors days, share information and our latest webcasts.

Reasons to invest in Fugro

  • World's leading service provider for collection and interpretation of data relating to the earth's surface and sub-surface
    • global leadership in the offshore geotechnical and survey markets and in profitable niches in onshore geotech and survey markets
    • strong position as service provider to subsea operators and in developing seabed seismic market
  • Solid growth in underlying markets driven by
    • continued growth in world demand for energy due to growing population and depletion of existing fields, leading to continued development of oil and gas fields (in more complex and ultra- deep water areas) and renewables
    • growing investments in infrastructure, especially in emerging economies
  • Proven growth strategy; strong track record in performance and acquisitions that add value
  • Balanced exposure to multiple market segments and geographies
  • Consistent, standardised service delivery across regions and divisions
  • Professional employees who receive continuous additional training
  • Highly specialised and proprietary technology and resources (fleet)
  • Healthy financial position
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