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Non-Exclusive & Multiclient Data and Products

Fugro holds a multi-client seismic database worldwide of about 1,800,000km 2D data and more than 135,000km² of 3D data (both new and reprocessed). After the divestment of the majority of the Geoscience division, ownership of the data library remains with Fugro.

Marketing and licensing of the global 3D MC seismic data sets is the responsibility of CGG. Responsibility for sales of 2D MC seismic data depends on the geographic location of the data. Please see the accompanying map to identify which party deals with specific data and contact the appropriate company directly.

Other non-exclusive geophysical data

Where non-seismic data has been acquired in conjunction with MC seismic, this data remains in the data library owned by Fugro. Non-seismic MC data acquired independently of seismic data has been sold to CGG. Please see their website for an overview of this data.